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Job Search Strategies

Job & Internship Search - Learn about tools and strategies that will help you find jobs or internships in your field of interest.

Networking - Approximately 75 percent of jobs are never advertised. Learn how to network effectively so that you can find out about these unadvertised positions.

Mastering the Federal Application Process - The U.S. government is a huge employer of all majors but its job and internship application process can be time-consuming and laborious. Learn the language and tips to navigate this opportunity-rich system.

GLBT Job & Internship Search - Learn ways to find the right job for you: researching GLBT-friendly employers, being out or not in the application process, being yourself on the job.

GoldPASS Presentation User Guide - University of Minnesota job and internship database.

Networking for International students - Tips on how to establish contacts, present your professional assets, cultivate relationships, and navigate the cultural expectations of U.S. employment culture.

Professional Associations - Professional associations exist for virtually every industry area. Find out more about professional associations, why you might join, and where to find them.

Career Services for Student Veterans & Service Members